Yarn, and fabric.

And here is where the other side of me comes into play on this blog. The one that makes, creates, and plots. I sew, mostly for myself, a bit for my husband, and occasionally for others in my life who manage to earn it.

This year, barely off to a start, but already two sewing projects in, a third if we speak honestly, with the last just needing a hem. Yarn is always a slower and much different story, but somehow the progress being made on my Waiting for Rain shawl has picked up speed since February has started, with high hopes of completion before the ACRL conference in March. Of course that is if I don't run out of my speckled yarn before then...

The main focus here today is to highlight a tried and true pattern. We all have these, and mine right now is the Moneta pattern by Collette Patterns. My latest will mark my third, and with the giant success of this one, I feel no need to stop anytime soon.

It started with fabric from an unlikely source. I have been hearing about Scuba all over the blogging world for a while now, and while curious, the middle of Ohio is not exactly the prime location for the hottest fabrics. Being a stickler for touching something new before investing in it, I was having none of buying an experimental fabric and HATING it. Surprise surprise, I walk into Jo Ann of all places for buttons and boom. This fabric was staring at me.



YELLING at me that it needed to be a dress. With a couple pleats as homage to the kilt ( thanks hubby!), and 3/4 length sleeves. 

This is the point that me following the sea of bloggers who sew came in handy. I heard many voices all rise to the top as I pulled out my pattern and scream:


And so I listened. It took me longer to lay it out and cut it than it did to sew it, and it was worth every single stinkin minute. Can you see the sleeve on top there? Can you tell I am PROUD. 


The Moneta bodice needs to be elongated to hit my waist, and so it got 1.5 inches, the skirt was made longer by 5 inches to hit me mid calf, and the skirt was widened by an unknown numeral that gave me extra space to add in those pleats.

Is there anything more to say? Not much, I may invest in scuba for winter dresses because this dress is seriously one of the fabled Secret Pajamas.  You know those super rare times that everything goes right? This is one of them, and it turned out even better in person than in my head. 

Oh just one comment I suppose... these are the sort of photos that you can end up with when your husband is the photographer!

Oh just one comment I suppose... these are the sort of photos that you can end up with when your husband is the photographer!