Hanna Primeau
Librarian, Archivist, & Knitter

I was born and raised in Michigan, with my first book signing experience at the age of 4. This solidified an already strong love of literature and the arts. From drooling on pages to devouring chapters, it was this love of books combined with a love for ephemeral history that led me to achieve my Masters of Science in Information from the University of Michigan. On the path to it I met some dear and equally talented friends, and it was during this degree that I met and fell in love with my other half.

Shortly after my graduation I gained two new titles, Business owner and Wife. Priceless Photo Preservation, a digitization and archiving company, was founded in 2011. This has led to many amazing connections, and knowledge of business that you cannot acquire unless you have done it. It was in 2013 an opportunity arose, allowing me to follow my aspirations into academia, and even better yet with one of my alma maters, St. Clair County Community College. It was incredibly rewarding being able to work side by side, Librarian and Instructor, with many of the instructors that set me on my path, and be able to reach their students in a similar way they reached me. In December of 2015 I packed up my life and moved just 20 minutes east of Columbus, Ohio. It was time to dip my toes into the water of a bigger institution, The Ohio State University at Newark also home to Central Ohio Technical College. In 2017 I shifted to the Columbus campus, still working for the University Libraries, but this time as a Instructional Designer. It was time to give back what I had learned at Newark, helping a larger body with creating learning objects and teaching. While I am still a Jane of all trades, I am able to touch more lives in academia, working towards making a larger difference.

Not only do I have a passion for books, both the reading and repairing of, I have a passion for yarn, fiber, and fabric, be it knitting, spinning, or sewing. I creatively combine colors, shapes and materials, bouncing off of my husband’s leather craft to create unique and beautiful items. It is through these hobbies that I have managed to find and develop relationships I would have never without. I am also an amateur photographer, which leads to far too many photos of my fuzzy cat and inquisitive dog. Bored is not, and has never been, a word in my vocabulary. I am currently never found without a book, a knitting project and my camera.

Education & Certifications

University of Michigan ● School of Information ● Ann Arbor, Michigan

Master of Science in Information, Specialization in Preservation of Information & Archives and Records Management,

August 2009-April 2011

University of Michigan – Flint ● Flint, Michigan

Bachelor of Art in Cultural Anthropology, May 2009

State of Michigan

Librarian Professional Certification Level 2

Continuing Education & Presentations

ALAO 2019 DLIG/IIG Spring Workshop

Active Learning: High, Low and No Tech techniques for Librarians. April 2019

Innovate: Engaging Students with Anonymous Technology: The Battle of Fake News       May 2018

ALAO 2018:DLIG/IIG Spring Workshop- Taking the Drama out of Source Evaluation     May 2018

ACRL Immersion: Teaching with Technology                                                        March-April 2017

Copyright for Educators & Librarians                                                                                July 2014


Primeau, Hanna N. “Quit serving CRAAP, Start making DRAMA”. (in press) The Critical Thinking About Sources Cookbook. ed Sarah Morris. Chicago: ACRL Publications, 2018.



Languages: Fluent Polish, Basic Japanese, Basic French.


  • Instructional:

    • Creation of IL tools to teach some of the basic framework skills for the needs of many focuses

    •  Designed and Implements  interchangeable IL modules for quick, yet concise and interactive
      class creation

    • Assesses and alters accordingly self-created information literacy modules  

    •  Creation of the acronym D.R.A.M.A to better teach source evaluation to students

    •  Canvas Affiliate for Newark Campus

    •  Moodle familiarity

  • Archival:

o   Create and edit MARC records, Archivists Tool Kit, OCLC, SIRSI Horizon

o   Web archiving, METS, PREMIS, MODS.

  • Preservation:

    • Paper repair, creation of sink mats, portfolios, and oversized folders, knowledge of proper housing and preventative conditions for film, photos, and paper.

·         Technical:

o   Photoshop, Windows, MS Office Suite, Camtasia

o   Highly proficient usage of digital cameras, scanners.

  • Web based:

    • Devoted Blogger 7+ years personal blogging, 2+ year professional

    • Professional use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, Wordpress, etc.

    • Experience with HTML, Drupal, CSS, LibGuides.

    • Maintained and created the web presence for Priceless Photo Preservation

    • Creates and maintains LibGuides that are relevant to faculty and student needs

      • http://osu.campusguides.com/1stPageWorkshop

      • http://osu.campusguides.com/cotc_career_resources

      • http://esearch.sc4.edu/AntiPlagiarism

Committees: Teaching and Learning- September 2016- Jan 2018

Memberships:  ACRL, ALA, ALAO


The Ohio State University  ● Columbus, Ohio ● December 2017-Present

Instructional Designer

  • Recreation of one of the library’s for credit courses to make content more meaningful and useful to the modern student researcher

  • Works closely with librarians and library staff across the organization who are seeking to support the development, implementation, and evaluation of faculty development programming about information literacy and related topics.

Central Ohio Technical College/ The Ohio State University at Newark  ● Newark, Ohio ● October 2016 – January 2017

Interim Director

  • Maintained budget, keeping library system on track with fiscal year.

  • Community Outreach, both on and off campus.

  • Oversaw staff in day to day operations.

  • Represented the library for both OSU and COTC in all leadership meetings and as a liaison with various departments.

  • Attended ALAO meetings to ensure the Warner Library was represented in the state of Ohio.

  • Created reports intended for the Directors return.

Central Ohio Technical College/ The Ohio State University at Newark  ● Newark, Ohio ● January 2016 – December 2017

Reference and Instruction Librarian

  • Coordinator of the Undergraduate Library Experience

    • Created face to face lesson to be taught by the Librarians to all the incoming freshmen at OSU Newark.

    • Designed interactive multidirectional online modules to be paired with the face to face instruction.

  • Collaborated with instructors from across curriculums to create unique resources for their courses.

  • Taught Information Literacy Courses

    • Designed interchangeable IL modules for quick and individualized, yet concise and interactive class creation.

    • Using evidence based practices, utilizing both formative and summative assessment to adjust information literacy modules.

    • Coordination with instructors to create embedded library experiences into courses.

    • Creation of the acronym D.R.A.M.A to better teach source evaluation. http://bit.ly/2qe56cU

  • Taught online for-credit introductory information literacy courses.

  • Averaging 50 courses per semester while maintaining a high quality of lessons and interactions.

    • Increase from an average of 30 per semester

  • Coordinator of the College Credit Plus Library outreach

    • Increased outreach from 0 to 6+ Schools a semester

  • Created materials, including videos, for OSU and COTC students of all levels.

  • Designed and prepared digital resources and materials for instructors as well as students.

  • Maintained web presence.

    • Twitter: OSUNCOTCLibrary, Instagram: OSUNCOTCLibrary, Web: Library.cotc.edu / Newark.osu.edu/Library

  • Collection Development, from weeding to acquisitions through our entire collection.

  • Mentor for Undergraduate Library Research Fellowship

St. Clair County Community College  ● Port Huron, Michigan ● May 2013 – December 2015

Reference and Instructional Librarian

  • Tended the reference desk fielding questions, teaching research and citation techniques to faculty, students, and public.

  • Taught Information Literacy Courses, constantly assesing and implementing changes in the course to better suit demographic.

  • Collaborating with instructors as needed to create the perfect resources for their courses.

  • Collection Development, from weeding to acquisitions through our entire collection.

  • Update and create LibGuides and other informational resources as found needed.

    • http://esearch.sc4.edu/AntiPlagiarism

  • Worked with various social media helping to curate a web presence beyond our website.

Priceless Photo Preservation ● Ann Arbor, Michigan ● Aug 2011 – Dec 2015

Partner and Preservation Specialist

  • Carried out preservation treatments:

    • Clean, restore and rehouse items according to archival standards both digitally and physically.

  • Worked with social media for the company as well as maintaining the website.

  • Kept budget current, eliminating the need for an accountant.

  • Started and continued to run as a no debt business.

  • Familiar with the intricacies involved with client relations.

 Health Information Management Service (HIMS) ● University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mi ● Oct 2011 – May 2012

Medical Records Technician

  • Maintained complex records for the Kellogg Eye Center for Appointments, Surgeries, and Digitization.

  • Prepared documents for digitization.

University of Michigan Conservation and Preservation Lab ● Ann Arbor, Mi ● Sept 2010 – Aug 2011


  • Carried out preservation treatments:

    • Clean, repair, restore and (re)house items according to archival standards.

  • Finished Products:

    • Two atlases repaired, two readied for digitization, created Mylar enclosures for 30+ oversized newsmaps.

Hands On Museum ● Ann Arbor, Michigan ● Jan 2011-April 2011


o Survey creation, Data collection through interviewing, Presentation of results.

Smithsonian Museum of American History ● Washington DC ● March 2011

        Archive intern

o  Rehoused Glass Plate negatives, created sink mats for safe storage of broken negatives.

o Leaded a team of interns in the proper techniques for creation of sink mats

o  Assisted in creating a finding aid for the Pullman train car collection

University of Michigan Map Library ● Ann Arbor, Michigan ● April 2010-April 2011

       Library Assistant

  • Aided patrons with: Finding, printing, and scanning maps, shelving books, as well as teaching the resources.

  • Original and copy cataloging of maps.

  • Carried out in house treatments as needed

    • Created running list of items that needed conservation treatment, organized by priority level.

  • Created and maintained blog and advertising for events, created posters and fliers with Images from collection.

  • Created finding aids .

Enlighten ●Ann Arbor, Michigan ● Nov 2010- April 2011

Historical Detective

o  Researched public domain images, uploaded to whatwasthere.com with corresponding metadata

o   uploaded 80+ images with corresponding location and metadata

University of Michigan Ruthven Natural History Museum Library ● Ann Arbor, Michigan ● Oct 2009- May 2010


o Created, removed, and edited entries in the Libraries OPAC.

o  Retrieve and reshelf books from multiple divisions around the Museum Library, Checked books in and out of the MARC system in the Libraries OPAC.