Critical Thought, Compassion, & Diversity in IL

It's summer time, which means it's time to look back on the previous semester and see what I could do better. It's not that it is only in the summer that I think about how to tweak and revamp my sessions, it's just now is when there happens to be a bit more brain power to allocate to it.

How do You teach Post-it




Currently this post-it is sitting to the exact right of my monitor, forcing me to ruminate on the topic every time I pull my eyes from work to fight eye strain, but the summer is winding down quickly. It's time for action. 





Amidst the tragedies that have hit what feels like every other week, and just the general state of humans that seems to be filtering to the top during election season, it has made me stop and look at my IL sessions from a different perspective. It isn't just issues surrounding how to incorporate the Framework (All hail the Framework!), it's how to teach Critical Thought, Compassion, and Diversity through the acts of creating good research habits in students.

A task most instructors have an entire semester to tackle, I get an entire class period. If I'm lucky I get a week, or like this coming semester, three! It's still never enough, but I firmly believe the pebbles add up.