Libraries and Archives open minds.


Academic Libraries and Archives need to not lose sight that their purposes are changing, just like the world around them. What once was a home for books, documents, and the people who recommended them, is now in the process of evolving. They are shifting out of necessity to become places that not only house books, but have an abundance of web resources, places for students to seek tutoring, faculty to find aide in personal growth through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, group study spaces, maker spaces and, most importantly, the people to help our patrons to navigate this quickly changing world.

In communities where students often times are unable to afford a computer or the internet, their school library becomes a location that in indispensable for their success. In any place I work, I treat that space like it is mine. This is my library in my community, so I ask myself what is it that I would need it to offer me as a part of this community? I look for innovative ways to expose students and faculty to all of the tools to succeed. I make accessibility the standard, not the exception. I make it a point to do everything possible to ensure that I connect with the students, but encourage my coworkers to do so as well. I am consistently pushing my institution forward, look for ways to incorporate new technology that is economically feasible but will benefit students considerably if utilized.


These views are part of my vision to make the institutions I work for collaborative spaces connecting patrons to resources to better assure their success. I seek to embrace technology and harness group dynamics that will further the educational needs of patrons.